Retouching Course


The photo editing course will help you learn photo editing as a beginner or professional.


Here is a short list of the topics for the photo editing course and what you will receive after paying for the course:

Body Shape Editing

Camera Raw Filter

Color Grading

Blemishes Removal

High End Retouching

Basic Skin Editing

Dodge and Burn

Image and File Size

Image Clarity and Skin Texture

Color Correction and Selective Color

Introduction to Photoshop

Creating Actions and Importing LUTs

How to use layer mask

Amazing Skin tone

Teeth and Eyes whitening

How to use Photoshop Tools

Magic Retouching Pack Tutorial

Save Files and File type explanation

Using Pen Tool and Quick Selection Tool

How to Change Portrait Background


Professional Actions

Color Grading & Skin Tone LUTs

Free Raw Photos for practice

Photoshop Installation File