Some photographers have kindly granted you permission to practice with their images and display the retouched versions as well as the originals on your website and social media with proper and clear credits given to the respective photographers. You must give credit to DettyStudio as the image source.

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Photographed by Walevisuals
Photographed by Slammyphotography
Photographed by Abayomiakiana & Kolapostudios
Photographed by Praisethephotography
Photographed by Amazingklef
Photographed by Knoortheluo
Photographed by Nuephotography
Photographed by Marcsongz
Photographed by Ncouragephotography
Photographed by Albertchime
Photographed by Icapturestudios
Photographed by Josephmayorr
Photographed by dreamsplash
Photographed by camvogue
Photographed by Thelittphotographer
Photographed by Femiprime

What are raw photos?

If you’re wondering what raw photos are, you’re not alone. Raw photos are a type of file format used by high end cameras. Raw photos contain more information than typical photos which allows photographers greater flexibility in the editing process.

Raw photos vs Jpg

Raw files are much larger than standard jpg files because they contain more information, and are not compressed or altered in camera the way jpg photos are.

Why are they called “raw” photos?

Because raw photos are unedited, they are called “raw”

Downloadable raw photo files

We’ve put together some downloadable raw pictures so that you can access raw photos for free. If you’ve never worked with raw pictures before, here is your chance to give it a try.

How to process & edit raw photos from your camera

In order to edit raw files, you’ll need a raw photo editing software. There are many raw photo editors out there. Lightroom & Photoshop are 2 of the most popular professional editing programs. There are also a few free raw photo editing software options. Often your camera will come with a free program of some kind to do basic raw picture editing.